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Move-In Survival Guide

It’s the final countdown! First year students, as well as returning students, are busy packing for the fast approaching Orientation and returning student move in weekend. To help them narrow down the items to pack (and the items to leave at home), we’ve created this handy move-in survival guide. We can’t wait to welcome you/welcome […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: What To Bring To Campus

With only a few days left before move-in, we know packing for college can be a daunting task. In order to streamline the process, Champlain College student Thea Heck ’17 designed an infographic to outline the essentials  for Champlain College and what items to leave at home.  Are you packed and ready for move-in day […]

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Reading For Fun Again : Top 10 Books All Incoming Freshman Should Read

By: Olivia Werenski ‘17/ Champlain College News Now that you’ve graduated high school, you thought that your days of summer reading were over, right? Well, they shouldn’t be! Think about the last time you read a book for FUN. That’s what these books aim to do, while also giving you a bit of insight into […]

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How Is The Class of 2018 Showing Their Champlain Pride?

By:Olivia Werenski ’17/ Champlain College News After the acceptance envelopes were distributed this April, the Class of 2018 has been in a whirlwind of excitement. Here’s a few examples of how the future first year students celebrated their acceptance and started their preparations for the fall.  

10 Things to Help You Succeed at Champlain

By Brendon Johnson ’16 / Champlain News   College can be a scary place, but only if you let it be one. New freedoms, living in a dorm, setting your own schedule and making new friends can be overwhelming at first. But there are people at college who are there specifically to help you over […]

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