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The Ins and Outs of Housing on Campus

By Will Lanthier ’18 / Champlain College News With Student Housing Selection dates quickly approaching, there is a list of things to remember before the competition to get the best spots on campus begins. For students new to the process, In order to get your place of choice be aware of following: What is a […]

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Housing Selection Night: The Drama, The Tears, and Tons of Happiness

By:Olivia Werenski ’17/Champlain College News As my freshman year here at Champlain is coming to an end, there has been a lot of unexpected twists and turns with my experience. I expected there to be some drama, some crying, some angst and some just plain confusion on figuring out how to adapt to a life […]

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Online Quizzes: Getting Real about Who You Really Are

By Olivia Werenski ‘17 / Champlain News Buzzfeed is an addiction, no..it really is. It is your over-sharing group of Facebook friends who can’t wait to tell you they are just like the state of Kansas, or they are Britney Spears. Surely at some point in everyone’s life, haven’t we all wondered “What Food are […]

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