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CHAMP Presents: Snowball 2016 — The enCHAMPted Forest

Will Lanthier ’17 / Champlain College News Usually when you think of school dances, you think of middle school, MAYBE high school, definitely not college. Most of us already did the prom thing, the homecoming thing, basically all of the school dances that were the thing to do in our younger years. So naturally, when you […]

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Positive Solutions for Negative Emotions

Will Lanthier ‘18 / Champlain College News Stress is inevitable. We’ve all had periods of our lives where we’ve felt like we can’t handle what’s being thrown at us. Champlain College senior, Maddie Ziegler, is focusing on getting students through these times with her Psychology Capstone project. Positive Solutions for Negative Emotions is all about […]

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