One of Champlain’s Many Unique Buildings, Carriage House

One of Champlain’s most unique buildings is a first-year residence hall nestled between Freeman, Wick, and Foster Halls: Carriage House. But this residence hall wasn’t originally built to be any kind of home. It was built by S. B. Saxe around 1894 and used to store carriages (and later cars) of the Presbrey family, who lived in what is now Schillhammer Hall—another first-year residence hall—from 1895 to 1921.

In the 1930s, Roland and Caroline Doane transformed the carriage barn into a private home. They taught French and Russian at the University of Vermont. During World War II, the Doanes sheltered refugee children of several Resistance fighters in Carriage House. They later moved to Birmingham, Alabama, where they were active in the Civil Rights Movement.

Champlain bought the converted carriage house in 1994, and it was used as the President’s House before turning into a residence hall. Named after its original function, Carriage House is Champlain’s smallest residence hall—only 14 students live here each year.

Research by Meg Distefano ’19 // Professional Writing