McDonald’s Next Door Neighbor, Whiting Hall

Did you know that at one point, the original owners of McDonald Hall also owned the house right next door? Whiting Hall was built around 1880 for attorney John T. Drew and his wife, Lucy. Drew died around the same time the house was completed, but Lucy resided there until Alfred C. Whiting bought the house in 1888. The Whiting family, owners of the former Whiting Brush Company on Pine Street, lived in the home until 1924, when they donated it to the University of Vermont. Then-president Guy W. Bailey resided there until 1940.

UVM converted the house into a dormitory named Elmwood Hall two years later. Frederick Smith—of the same Smith family who lived in what is now McDonald Hall—purchased the building in 1957 and used it as a private residence.

Ten years later, Champlain bought the house and converted it back into a residence hall. The building was named Whiting Hall after the Whiting family. In the 1970s and 80s, the hall also housed a chapel, classrooms, and the campus bookstore. It underwent extensive renovations in 2014 when an addition was added onto the back of the building. Now, the ground floor houses the Student Health Center and the rest of the building is home to approximately 40 first-year students!

Research by Meg Distefano ’19 // Professional Writing