The enthusiasm in the Class of 2021 Facebook page is off the charts, so we decided to bring back our “Tell Us About Yourself(ie)” series, which will highlight profiles of incoming students in the Class of 2021 from now until August Orientation.

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Alicia O’Brien, ‘21 // Graphic Design & Digital Media // South Hadley, MA

Instagram: aliciaobrien_

Snapchat: aliciaobrienn

Why did you choose Champlain?

I love the location and campus as well as the Upside-Down Curriculum and the school’s ideals! I’ve always visited Vermont with my brother as well and I love it!

Our motto is “Let Us Dare.” What was the last thing you dared to do?

Go cliff jumping in Mexico.

What’s your Netflix binge series?

Parks and Rec or The Office, Dexter, Shameless, Daredevil and more I can’t think of.

What’s your favorite breakfast food?


What’s your favorite gaming console?

PC or Xbox and PlayStation.

If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be and why?

A siren because I love the ocean, and they sing well; also they’re kinda shady.

What’s your spirit animal?

Shark or Penguin.

What’s a word or phrase you’re guilty of using too often?

I can’t think of anything!! Maybe using “wicked” a lot?? Dunno.

Describe your life goals in five words or less:

Reach my full potential/happiness.

What are three words your mom would use to describe you?

Spunky, compassionate, go-getter.

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