The class of 2020’s enthusiasm and excitement for sharing their stories has continued beyond orientation, so we’ve decided to continue the “Tell Us About Yourself(ie)” series into the school year. We’ll continue to feature current first years as long as the responses keep coming in!

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Ashley Bladen, ‘20 // Undeclared ITS // Sterling, VA

Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter- heyitsmebladen

Do you have any quirky study habits?

I can’t study in silence; I have to be listening to music!

Physical book or e-book?

Physical! But, it has to be paperback!

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

Breakfast potatoes are

What’s your favorite gaming console?

#TeamPlaystation all day, every day.

If you could be any character –book, TV, or movie– who would you be and why?

Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec, because she is the greatest character ever made.

What’s something not many people know about you?

I have a pet peacock named George!

What are 3 words your mom would use to describe you?

Stubborn, Annoying and Energetic. (I swear she does like me.)  

What’s the number 1 item on your bucket list?

Buying a Toyota Prius—not too cool, but that gas mileage is A1.

What’s your phone wallpaper?

A whale in the ocean holding boats like balloons. (It’s really the cutest picture ever.)

What’s your go-to fun fact?

At the Lincoln Memorial, Abraham Lincoln’s hands are shaped in the forms of an “A” and an “L” in sign language.

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