The class of 2020’s enthusiasm and excitement for sharing their stories has continued beyond orientation, so we’ve decided to continue the “Tell Us About Yourself(ie)” series into the school year. We’ll continue to feature current first years as long as the responses keep coming in!

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Cat Gullotta, ‘20 // Professional Writing // Terryville, CT

Instagram- cat_g95

Why did you pick Champlain?

I fell in love with the area, and they offer a writing program I couldn’t even dream of finding anywhere else.

What’s a poster you’ll definitely be hanging in your Res Hall room?

Doctor Who.

What’s the number 1 item on your bucket list?

Ride the tallest roller coaster in America.

What’s a word or phrase you’re guilty of using too often?

“Ride on.”

What’s your go-to jam song?

Anything Beyoncé.

What’s your favorite breakfast food?


Which celebrity would you most like to meet?

Tyler Posey.

If you could be any character –book, TV, or movie– who would you be and why?

Agent Peggy Carter, because she’s so BA.

What’s your go-to fun fact?

No two giraffes have the same print pattern.

What’s your phone wallpaper?

Myself in front of Lake Champlain.

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