What Will We Ever Do When it Rains?


Photo by Sara Martin

By Sara Martin ‘18/ Champlain News

Burlington is a real people place. A people place where everyone ultimately gathers towards Lake Champlain – a palette of different water frontier’s that offers a new outlook on the mountains from every different park that you choose. But even a place so heavenly like Burlington gets a little rainy sometimes. Preposterous, isn’t it? You have to remember that this is not the end of the world, rain is actually a very beautiful thing, and it’ll leave the grass greener and the flowers more alive. For those totally stuck on activities to do when mother nature tries to mess with your beach plans, here is a bit of a guide.



Photo by Sara Martin

  1. Shelburne Museum

Shelburne Museum, 6000 Shelburne rd, Shelburne, VT, is not your typical “Museum of National History” kind of place. It’s a re-creation of a colonial time with an outside experience throughout it. Some of the exhibitions available here are a lighthouse, a jail, art galleries, a schoolhouse, a covered bridge, the 220-foot steamboat Ticonderoga, and dozens of gardens beautifully threaded throughout the trails. The Shelburne Museum also puts on a lot of shows, like Ray Lamontagne and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s. This beautiful place is a smorgasbord for all arts and music. There’s also a student discount here, which is the equivalent to striking gold. Some of the current exhibitions include Grandma Moses paintings, Wind Waves and Light kinetic sculpture, and Painting a Nation which is american art It doesn’t have to be a downpour outside, because it IS an outside experience as well, but a gloomy/windy day will do the trick for you.

Shelburne Museum


Photo by Steve Mease

2. Enjoy solitude in an art gallery

Seeing how Burlington is an eclectic and artistic community- art galleries don’t go unnoticed in the world of Vermont expression.  Some of the art galleries in the area include our very own Champlain College gallery in the Center for Communication and Creative Media, Burlington Center for the Arts on Church Street Marketplace, the Fleming Museum of Art at UVM, HAVOC Gallery on Sears Lane, Artsriot and SEABA on Pine Street, and many more. Some of these places even have other exhibits, shows, and poe jam’s for those interested in the poetry scene. Champlain’s art gallery usually has a poe jam two times a month, along with Artsriot, who holds their very own Slam Poetry night. During the summer, Champlain’s Art Gallery hours run from Thursday 1-5, Friday, 4-8, and Saturdays 11-4:30. They have a different exhibit every month. It can be an interactive experience, a visual experience, or a listening experience. Currently, the exhibit in the gallery is Todd R. Lockwood’s “Portraiture Reimagined” which is shown in the picture above. Each exhibit differs from the one before it, and that’s what makes it the most exciting.

CCM Gallery



Photo by Shearer Volkswagen

3. Lake Aquarium and Science Center

The Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center, located on 1 College St. on the Burlington Waterfront  is an interactive aquarium, geared towards every age. Aquariums, recently, don’t have the greatest reputation in the public eye because of the captivity animals are kept in for their whole lives. The Lake Aquarium has a different way of approaching their audiences, in more of an educational experience. The Lake Aquarium has also helped save species in the frigid Vermont winter, like the invasive Spiny Softshell turtle. This aquarium urges their visitors to positively impact the endangered species, and the world around them. It also has many different events held here as well. They have events such as Film Shorts, ECHO AfterDark, Speakers and Discussions, Masquerade Balls, and Summer Camps. Echo is a great place to experience if you want to learn more about the environment you’re living in, and how you can help the community.

Echo Aquarium



Photo by Seven Days VT

4. The movies, of course.

There is no better remedy on a rainy day than an awesome movie, which is a tale as old as time. There are numerous theatre’s in Burlington/around the area that make this task easy as pie. Merrill’s Roxy Theatre in downtown Burlington, Palace 9 Cinemas in South Burlington, and Majestic 10 in Williston. All these theaters are equally easy to get to for students. During the school year Champlain Offers a “Movie Night,” which includes free transportation and a free movie ticket, with your choosing. Speaking about free movies, Main Street Landing on Lake street has a free classic movie night which happens weekly. How awesome is that? Talk about a great way to hit off the weekend.

Main Street Landing

If you have any other ideas that you have done, feel free to mention in the comment section below. Also, feel free to comment some of the things you do when it’s nice out!