CHAMP CHOMP ends the semester with Shark theme.

Will Lanthier ’18 / Champlain College News

“I think we are going to need a bigger boat for Spring Meltdown”

One of the most highly-anticipated events on campus every year is the almighty and righteous Spring Meltdown! On the last day of classes each spring semester, CHAMP has put on carnivals with themes such as Superheroes, Dr. Seuss, and most recently Champstock. This year however, Spring Meltdown is coming back bigger and better than ever.

With this year’s theme being Champ Chomp, CHAMP is asking you to “show your teeth” and get in the party spirit. With all the things on the agenda, it looks like it won’t be too hard to get in the mood. giphy (2)

This year’s event will be on Friday, April 24 from 3 to 6 p.m. in Finney Quad. Students will be able to kick back and relax before finals start, as well as enjoy various summer activities, such as face painting, trampolines, crafts, and of course – free food! Also, for the first time, to go along with the year’s theme, Spring Meltdown will be featuring a waterslide and of course a mechanical shark (because bulls are so 2015).

If you’re looking to get into the summer mindset, Champstock is the place to be.

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