Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Peter Coronato

The Class of 2020 Facebook group for incoming students to Champlain has been jam packed with students bubbling with excitement regarding the upcoming school year. It seems the perfect time to re-introduce our “Tell Us About Yourself(ie)” series, which will highlight profiles of incoming first-year students through the summer and leading up to Orientation in August.

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Peter Coronato, ‘20 // Filmmaking // Scotch Plains, NJ

Instagram- _PCphotos_

Why did you pick Champlain?

It is the one place that truly feels like home. I fell in love with the campus, student life and facilities at Champlain the moment I came to visit the school. Its programs and curriculum truly fit me best, and I know I’ll get the most out of my college experience here!

Do you have any quirky study habits?

I have this tiny remote control helicopter that I will fly around my room for a bit when I start to feel any study fatigue set in. And then I get back to work!

What’s a poster you’ll definitely be hanging in your Res Hall room?

A Burton Snowboarding poster.

What’s the number 1 item on your bucket list?

Become a filmmaker for Burton or National Geographic.

Physical book or e-book?

Physical book, all day everyday!

What’s your Netflix binge series?

Breaking Bad… I am more than obsessed with that show.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Sky Blue.

What’s your go-to jam song?

“Wagon Wheel” – Darius Rucker

What’s your least favorite Pop Culture trend?

Wearing Nike Elite socks with boat shoes…

If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be and why?

A panda with rocket boosters… I love pandas but also want to fly.

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