Mr. Champlain 2016: Not Just For Misters


Will Lanthier ‘17 / Champlain College News

For nine years, one of Champlain College’s most beloved and attended events has been the Mr. Champlain pageant. Held every spring semester, a group of male students have competed for the title by stepping forward and presenting their best talent, battling beachwear looks and going through a Q&A session in their best formal attire.

The event provides time and time again, a night where students and faculty can come together, laugh, and destress before final projects and the end of the year become a reality. One question that seems to come up every year though is, “why just dudes?” Well, this year Champlain switched things up a little bit and allowed any and all students to enter the competition.

The eight brave contestants of this year competition were Brian Denzak, Logan Rice, Elias Connolly, Adam Vernail, Jena Mays, Travis Spinelli, Dylan Kiely and Emily Kueppers. 12006188_10153895164359961_3030780412217089575_n

“I like doing things people tell me I can’t do,” says winner of this year’s pageant, Emily Kueppers. Sophomore, Creative Media Major, Kueppers has been no stranger to voicing opinions and standing up for what is right. Earlier this year, Kueppers was invited to the University of Mississippi to present their bodies project paper at the Sarah Isom Gender Conference called “Undoing the Norms.”

“The whole experience was life changing,” Kueppers says. “I really love talking about gender and it was crazy powerful to connect with so many people I didn’t know before.” As someone who is openly gender non binary, Kueppers presented their paper on how gender expression doesn’t and shouldn’t dictate clothing. 12799232_10153895166179961_7520273536867961880_n

Kueppers proved to be the people’s choice this year and was able to take home the crown. “I’m glad I put myself out there and chose to participate in the competition. It was awesome because I got a chance to sing,” says Kueppers. “Why not use this as an opportunity to do what I love?”