Champlain College Students Host Book Launch Event and Network Party

By Shannon Turgeon ‘17 / Champlain College News

Champlain College Professional Writing senior Molly Abrahamson, the author of Your Internship: How to Find It, Land It, Survive it, and Make the Most of It, wanted to write a book on internships as a way to help other students trying to navigate the daunting process of entering the professional world.

She’ll be sharing her new book and helping other students learn about internships at a book launch and networking event Tuesday, April 12 from 6 to 9 p.m. in Perry Presentation Room in Perry Hall.

“A lot of undergraduates have only a vague idea what an internship is, how to find a suitable and interesting one, how to apply for it, how to ace the interview, what the first day will be like, how to survive the ups and downs of the working world, and how to convert that experience into a future,” Abrahamson said.  

“As a solution to this, I wrote a guide that is, I hope, clear, sympathetic, helpful, and relatable to help undergraduates through this process. The content was derived from my own intern experience, as well as extensive interviews with students, professors, college career counselors, faculty, and internship supervisors,” Abrahamson said.

Abrahamson is pairing with Management of Creative Media student Emily Coble to host Tuesday’s event as part of their duel senior Capstone project.  “It is a great partnership, because Emily is knowledgeable about the business and design aspect of the project, and I contribute to the writing and creative aspect,” Abrahamson said.

Abrahamson published the book last summer, citing that the entire process took her about a year and a half. She enlisted the help of the Champlain College Publishing Initiative, and the book was published under Percentage Possibility Publications, a publisher created by Champlain College Professional Writing professor Tim Brookes.

“I definitely couldn’t have done it without the help of some excellent faculty members, especially Tim Brookes and Warren Baker,” Abrahamson said.

The networking event will feature a panel of experienced interns offering advice to students. “This is a great way for someone who is new to internships to learn more about them, and ask questions from people who have been through it before,” said Abrahamson.

“Networking is an integral element of any professional career but is particularly resourceful as a writer. It may lead to informational interviews, writing groups, job references, and much more. Champlain Professional Writing students will be offered the opportunity to network with professionals already in the fields that the students are interested in,” Abrahamson said.

Finally, attendees of the event will be able to purchase of a copy of Your Internship: How to Find It, Land It, Survive it, and Make the Most of It and enjoy the free food that will be provided.

Overall, the whole experience has been valuable to Abrahamson and Coble.
“The experience of researching, writing, editing, publishing, and marketing a book are not things an undergraduate often gets to do. I had the opportunity to do those things twice as an undergrad, once with ‘Your Internship,’ and a second time last semester, when I wrote and published a book on volunteer Hospice care, with the help of a team of students in Champlain’s Publishing class,” she explained.

“I now have a wealth of research, interviewing, editing, and publishing experience. I have experience working with clients, making deadlines, and managing large projects.” Abrahamson added, “Emily and I are also learning what it takes to market a book, host a launch event, and everything that goes into that. It is wonderful experience and cool that we can do it as undergrads. If I was at another school, I don’t think I would have had the same opportunities.”