Have No Fear! Cable Is Still Here!

By: Olivia Werenski ’17/ Champlain College News

I must admit, when I heard that Champlain might be getting rid of traditional cable, I was mad. Not only was I a traditional TV lover, but it was something I looked forward to doing every night. A sort of ritual for me, was taking an hour (or two) break between homework assignments to catch up with my favorite shows live. Live being the key word.

I thought with the recent switch, students would only have access to content that was “on demand” or pre-filmed. I’m not about that life. I need the Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away funny-I-dont-always-interesting-man-memeWith Murder BEFORE the spoilers on Twitter get to me.

After having a quick chat with the folks at the Comcast Campus booth outside of the dining hall, I learned that not only will you have access to on demand, you’ll have access to live TV listings AND you’ll be able to watch content live on your laptop or desktop at anytime while you’re on campus (and enrolled as a full time residential student).

Unfortunately, even though you can get Xfinity Campus programs on your laptop, tablet or phone, to use the service, students will have to be within the bounds of campus and also be connected to the Champlain wi-fi network. Students will also be asked to sign in with their campus login for added protection.

This stems from a student life created poll sent to students last semester about cable usage. Approximately over 80% of students said they did not use the cable outlet in the dorms or even didn’t have a TV with them.

So have no fear students, your regularly resumed TV sessions will be preserved with the new service…until you graduate, at least.  No FOMO here!

Link to connect to campus cable: https://xfinityoncampus.com/login

More information about student services:http://www.champlain.edu/student-life/student-services