Champlain Issues Baby Beaver to All First-Year Students as Part of New Program

Aunnameds an increased effort to emphasize responsibility and life skills through Champlain’s LEAD program, the college will now be issuing each first-year student his or her own baby beaver upon arrival for Orientation as part of its new “LEAD It To Beaver” program.
Each Champlain residence hall basement will be renovated and designed to simulate the beaver’s natural wetland habitat, allowing students to house their beavers in a safe area during class or other activities. Students will be responsible for the care, nourishment, and well-being of the beavers, and will receive LEAD credit at the end of the year.
Chauncey T. Beaver, Champlain’s mascot, expressed his excitement upon hearing about the initiative by stating, ” I wood BEAVER-y happy if this went through!” He then resumed dancing, waving at students, and posing for pictures with two thumbs up.
The program is expected to launch in the fall of 2015 and continue for the next four years. Graduating seniors in the program will then have the opportunity to officially adopt their beavers through the BAA, the Beaver Adoption Agency. April Phool, Beaver Coordinator for the agency, said of the program, “This is a great opportunity to grow the aquatic rodent population in the Burlington area and raise awareness for unusual animal adoption agencies such as the BAA.”
A report detailing the progress of the initiative will be released on April 1, 2016 after the program launch in the fall.
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