Why Every Student Should Be Using Merit

By Shannon Turgeon ‘17 / Champlain College News

Most students in this generation have heard of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. However, there’s one unique online network utilized at Champlain College and other universities across the country that is lesser known, but just as valuable- Merit.

Merit is a website that universities and colleges use to publicize their student’s accomplishments, ranging from making the Dean’s List, getting an internship, or volunteering on campus. Merit organizes these achievements for each student on their own personal Merit page, where students can view their stories and add things like work experience and activities to their pages. Merit allows students to get recognition for their accomplishments and hard work, and students can even share their Merit achievements on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

There are a number of reasons why Merit is worthwhile for students. First, it allows them to see what their friends and classmates are up to – it’s essentially an academic LinkedIn. Students can even see what their old friends are accomplishing by adding their high school to their profiles.

In addition, Merit acts as an online resume for students that’s verified by Champlain. It allows students to establish a positive and professional online presence.

Finally, Merit allows students to easily share their achievements on their social media platforms. Their family and friends will surely be happy to see what they have been accomplishing. In addition, Merit also sends out press releases to the student’s hometown newspaper- so even those without social media will still be able to keep in contact.

Recently, some exciting changes were made that make Merit even more appealing to students. Students can now add videos from Vimeo or Youtube to their page, which is useful for students who want to display work they’ve created or videos from clubs and activities they’re in. In addition, students can now import information directly from Facebook or Linkedin to their Merit pages, which saves them from having to fill out all of their information directly. Finally, a newly-added feature enables students to have a custom URL for their page.

At this point you’re probably thinking, how do I get a Merit page? Well, if you’re a student at Champlain, then you already have a page! Merit allows us to upload a list of the incoming students each fall, and when we post an achievement recognizing them, a Merit page is automatically created for each of those students. All you have to do is log on at www.champlain.meritpages.com to “claim” your page and start taking advantage of all the things Merit has to offer.

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