The Ins and Outs of Housing on Campus

By Will Lanthier ’18 / Champlain College News

With Student Housing Selection dates quickly approaching, there is a list of things to remember before the competition to get the best spots on campus begins. For students new to the process, In order to get your place of choice be aware of following:

What is a priority number?

Your priority number determines when you get to pick your housing. Your priority number is based on points which reflect the number of credits you have completed. The more credits means the lower the priority number, and the sooner you’ll be able to pick your spot!

Priority points will be based on the following:

  • Each student will get two Priority Points for every five credits completed at Champlain College.
  • Each student will receive one Priority Point for every five credits transferred from other institutions.
  • Credits less than five don’t receive points.
  • Credits will be rounded down to the nearest multiple of five. For example, if you have earned 17 credits here at Champlain, they’ll be rounded down to 15, which means you have a total of six Priority Points.
  • For residents tied with the same number of points, the ties will broken by randomly assigning the priority numbers. The numbers are assigned by a computer, so it’s completely random and fair. It’s all up to luck at this point (pun intended).

Juniper Hall

What if my roommate for next year has a better priority number than me? 

If your desired roommate for next year has a lower number than you, they are able to pull you in. This means that when they claim a spot for next year and list you as one of their roommates, you’ll be set to live with them and your work is done!

What are the dates for housing selection?

Housing selection will take place in the Alumni Auditorium at 8:30 p.m. during the following dates:

  • March 26 – Spinner Place and 308 Maple
  • March 30 – Sophomore housing 200-550 (Butler, Juniper, Adirondack, and Lakeview)
  • March 31 – Sophomore housing 551-850 (Butler, Juniper, Adirondack, and Lakeview)
  • April 2 – All remaining spaces

What if I can’t come to housing selection?

Students who are unable to make it to the housing selection are allowed to choose someone to attend the meeting for them. Make sure you pick someone you trust however, because the person the student chooses must bring a Proxy Form with them to be allowed to select a space. The form can be printed by visiting

Is there multi-gender housing on campus that I can live in?Back Camera

Spinner Place and Boardman Hall allow students to live with someone of another gender in the same unit. However, it is only allowed in cases where students can completely fill the space


What are my options for housing if I’m an upcoming first year student? 


McDonald Hall, first year Victorian-Era Residence Hall

All first year students start off in one of the 19 beautifully restored Victorian-era mansions that surround the campus. You can visit to get a look at what each of these unique buildings offers. When it comes to roommates, you can either go random or request someone. Join the Class of 2019 Facebook app and maybe you’ll meet someone you can see yourself living with.

Living off campus?

If you’re looking to live off campus you certainly have a lot of options. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for availabilities around the city. The Champlain Black Market Facebook group is a good place to look if you’re looking to rent from other Champlain College affiliated people. You can request to join the page if you’re not already part of it at

No matter where you end up, there isn’t much we can complain about here at Champlain. With breathtaking views of Lake Champlain everywhere you look, the scenic ridge of the Adirondack Mountains in the distance, and fall foliage that brings the world to Vermont every autumn – welcome to your new home.

For more information about residential life on campus, visit