Upcoming Fall Art & Exhibitions

By Will Lanthier ’18/ Champlain College News

In the next upcoming weeks, Champlain College will be hosting several art exhibits. Artists will have the opportunity to show their work to faculty and students during scheduled receptions and lectures in various locations on campus. Below is the full list of exhibitions offered:

Craig Winslow  Fall 2014 Artist Residency tumblr_inline_ndg5swq8F81qcdamk

Reception & Artist Lecture October 16th 6:00 – 7:30 pm  IDX Fireside Lounge

October 6th-15th  IDX Student Life Center Atrium

Alumn Craig Winslow works at the intersection of art, design and science.  During his week long residency, he will create a two story, interactive light installation, exploring the possibilities of light, optics and algorithmic design. Craig and his team will employ diverse materials and technologies including video projectors, reflective mylar film, fresnel lenses and Microsoft Kinect.

The goal of the artist residency program is to expose essential elements of the artist studio practice to the Champlain College community, that includes open-ended exploration, prototyping and iterative design.  Student, faculty and staff are encouraged to stop by and chat with the artists as they work, lend a hand and share in the exploration. Craig Winslow is a Champlain adjunct faculty member and alumn. His team includes Champlain graphic design student Zachary Sittler (’15) and Justin Kuzima.

Pete McCracken Posters 1989 – 2013

Last Chance! – Closing October 20th   SD Ireland 1st Floor Lounge

Portland Oregon based artist and designer Pete McCracken has created original typeface designs for major brands including Adidas, Dr. Martens, Starbucks, Nike, Target, MTV, and SPORE.  McCracken began his design career 25 years ago in Burlington earning “5 beers per hour” designing menus for Vermont Pub and Brewery. unnamedThis exhibition focuses on McCracken’s art poster practice from 1989 – 2013. Decidedly low-tech and defiantly manual, McCracken’s approach to poster printing includes silkscreening, and hand-set wood block and metal letterpress type techniques. Embracing flaws and the unexpected, each poster resulting from this intuitive, and experimental process is unique.


Jordan Douglas Fingerprint Series

October 15th – January 12th   President’s Suite

Reception October 29th 4:30 – 7pm

unnamed2Fingerprints, by Jordan Douglas explores the intersection of identity and identification transforming human fingerprints into monumental portraits. Normally considered blemishes in the analog photographic process, Douglas carefully isolates each fingerprint and using manually darkroom techniques refines and enlarges them. Labyrinth like and complex, each image speaks to a unique personal narrative. Douglas’s images are formally beautiful, but also respond to the unsettling ramifications of modern online anonymity and our increasingly precarious online personal security. Douglas is an adjunct faculty member and dark room instructor and has exhibited throughout Vermont.

Gina Haraszti The Curating of Self

October 24th – November 24th   SD Ireland 1st Floor Lounge

Reception October 24th 4:30 – 7pm

Inspired by her latest film project about ‘nerdy women’, Montreal based filmmaker and researcher at Concordia’s Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) Research Center, Gina Haraszti examines the increasingly fractured nature of female identity. Her installation forms a constellunnamed3ation of self-images including social media avatars, a video self-portrait, and commissioned artist portraits. Haraszti is particularly interested in the ways that women chose to adapt their identities depending on context, in a subconscious response to sociocultural expectations. Collectively, these real-world and online representations reveal a complex and often contradictory form of emerging self-portraiture. Haraszti’s films and art works have been exhibited in Europe, The United States and Canada.

Class visits are welcome for all exhibitions listed.

Contact Chris Thompson at cthompson@champlain.edu for scheduling.