Academic Coaching- The Right Fit

By Olivia Werenski ‘17 / Champlain College News

As the school year quickly heads toward mid-terms, now is the perfect time to make sure you are getting the 10084667784_8a5b7e08f5_zmost from your classes. And every student has one of those “tough” classes on their schedule at one time or another. You know, the class you dread every time you walk into the classroom, not because it’s a bad class, but because you know that the work is challenging and perhaps the professor’s teaching style doesn’t match your learning style. You are not alone in dealing with this situation..

Champlain offers several types of academic labs geared toward helping students with math, accounting and writing, but sometimes students need help with the basics of studying – prioritizing your work, balancing work and play and using effective ways to learn.

That’s where Champlain’s Academic Coaching Center comes in. The staff at the center can help students with improving time managements skills and organization, test preparation, stress relief, and more. Maximizing those skills can be the difference between a B and an A, according to Lauren Bruneau, manager of Academic Coaching.

Here are some of the top reasons to visit Academic Coaching, Skiff Annex, Room 200-201:

  • Convenient. The office is located in Skiff Hall.
  • Smart. Whether you’re really struggling or just need to de-stress, the center is there no matter how big or small your problems are.
  • Free. Professional tutoring off campus can cost more $150 per session. The Academic Learning Center offers these same services for free.
  • Responsible. Everyone wants to get the maximum value for their tuition investment, and good grades and effective learning gets you the most bang for your buck.
  • Fun. The coaches know that college can be tough sometimes, so they try to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Plus there are usually snacks available.
  • Learn to relax – The Center offers Mindful Meditation sessions every Monday at 12:30 p.m. in the Vista Room of MIC.

Academic Coaching  offers an online coaching site at ttp://

Students can also follow the Academic Coaching social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. First time visitors also receive a free Champlain College Academic Planner while supplies last. To get in touch with the center and schedule an appointment, contact Lauren Bruneau at or click on this link: