Champlain College’s Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Aly Templer

By:Olivia Werenski ’17/ Champlain College News

Over the course of the summer, the Class of 2018 Facebook group for incoming students to Champlain has been jam packed with students bubbling with excitement regarding the upcoming school year, so we’ve decided to use it to our advantage. Our new Tell Us About Yourself(ie) series will be a weekly profile series of incoming first year students, leading up to the week of orientation and into the fall semester.

The first group of selected students were given a list of questions to choose from, ranging from personal questions to Champlain questions and selected their best answers and sent us an accompanying selfie (get it?).image

Once the week of orientation is over, this series will become open to staff, faculty, upperclassman, and more!

Our first participant is Aly Templer, a psychology major from Alexandria, Virginia.

1. Which celebrity would you most like to meet?

Jennifer Lawrence. We would easily become best friends

2. What’s your phone wallpaper?

Natalie Portman when she was doing a shoot for Miss Dior

3. What’s something that drives you absolutely crazy?

Slow walking people, I have become the queen of weaving through large crowds.

4. Your favorite book? Did you read it as real book or an e-book?

My favorite book would have to be Go Ask Alice, and it would be real hard copy all the way. I refuse to ever own a Kindle or e-reader. It’s unnatural.

5. Coffee or tea?

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Then more coffee.

6. Apple or Android phone?

Apple. I once switched to an android, and I only lasted 2 weeks.

7. What’s your Netflix binge series?

It’s my roommate Jenna’s fault! But Gossip Girl, she showed me one episode and I was completely hooked.

8. What’s your favorite topping on a pizza?

Pepperoni and mushroom, with ranch on the side for dipping 🙂

9. Early decision or last-minute on your Champlain application?

Early decision and, if I’m being honest? Champlain was the only school I applied to.

10. Favorite computer game?

Sims of course. Sims 4 comes out this fall, so if I disappear from campus? You know why.

If you’d like to be featured in an upcoming Tell Us About Yourself(ie), review the questions at , then send an email to and we’ll post the best answers!






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