Champlain Books Launches Pre-Sale Campaign For First Time Author Tim Brookes

BURLINGTON, VT: First-Time Author by Tim Brookes, director of the Professional Writing Program at Champlain College and author of 13 previous books, is a must-have resource for writers embarking on a first work of fiction or nonfiction. This collection of wisdom comes from Brookes’ own experiences with procrastination, crippling self-doubt, and frustration with the writing process, and offers indispensable advice brookes_timfor all authors.

Brookes learned hard lessons over more than a dozen book projects and watched writing students go through the same struggles with their own pieces. He realized these struggles are universal, and the ideas for First-Time Author brewed in his mind for years. The book became a roadmap for overcoming frustration and producing a polished finished product.

Champlain Books has launched a new campaign to pre-sell and fundraise for First-Time Author on Pubslush, a Kickstarter-like global crowdfunding platform devoted exclusively to books. Contributors donate to the project in virtually in any amount and become eligible for several different types of rewards. Everything from signed copies of the book to master classes with Brookes are on the table. We have a total of 45 days to reach our $2,000 goal.

Please join us today! This Pubslush link ( takes you right to the campaign’s main page, where you can read an excerpt, watch the project video, pre-order your copies and support the campaign quickly and easily.
Champlain Books entered the world in Spring 2014. We are a division of Barnes | MacQueen Publishing Resources in Burlington, Vermont, and a natural extension of the writing and work produced by the faculty, staff and students of the Champlain College Publishing Initiative. We publish books and ebooks on writing and publishing that support emerging authors both in our own backyard and far beyond its borders. Write and say

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