101 Things To Do This Summer In Burlington (Part 2)

By:Olivia Werenski ‘17/ Champlain College News

As summer continues to slip through our fingertips and we are constantly reminded that the school year is around the corner in a few short months, here is the second installment of 101 Things To Do In Burlington This Summer. I, just like many of you, have found days this summer where there is nothing to do. You’ve been looking forward to summer all year and yet here it is and you’re bored. Maybe you’ve even wished you were back in school. Don’t go there. Get your mind out of the gutter!  Here are 25 more things you can do this summer in BTV.
26) Head to the Fletcher Free Library and do some summer beach reading..for free

27) Lake Champlain Chocolate on Church St. Enough said.

28) Take a trip to Montreal. This may very well be one of the more expensive things on the list but experiencing another culture and being able to say you left the country is worth it. Plus you’ll get tons of stories out of it.

29) Get tickets to see the headliner at the Champlain Valley Fair in August. Some notable guests so far are Dierks Bentley, Hunter Hayes, and comedian Jeff Dunham.

30) Check out some of the food trucks that make stops at the South End Truck Stop at Arts Riot 400 Pine St, Burlington. Some notable ones are Dessert For Breakfast, which stops Fridays 5-10 pm and Duino Duende, which stops Fridays 5-10 as well.

31) Take a walk for charity with the 20th Annual Walk For The Animals. Run a 5k with your pooch or just walk in the spirit of an animal you love. Added bonus: a little bit of training goes into run/walking a 5k, so you also have added motivation.  To register, click here

32) Go down to the waterfront and daydream on the swinging chairs. Bonus points if you have someone to swing with.

33) Indulge at Lu.Lu’s Ice Cream in Bristol, VT. It’s described as “small batch artisan ice cream, with everything made from scratch”. Bonus: they take flavor requests!

34) Take a dip at the Jay Peak Pump House. Admission is only $20 after 4 pm. NOTE: Do not go down the big red slide called La Chute. It’s a 360 degree slide of terror which starts from the roof of the building and the floor drops out from under you. Maximum speed you’ll reach is 60 mph. You’ll pee your pants.  Here’s a video of some crazy soul on the slide: http://youtu.be/ZQ3oA7S1OLI?t=2m47s

La Chute (red slide) at the Jay Peak Pump House Indoor Waterpark

La Chute (red slide) at the Jay Peak Pump House Indoor Waterpark

35) Read a good book. I personally recommend the book you think would be  cliche but has crazy plot twists aka “The Fault in Our Stars”. It gave me the feels. BONUS: The movie came out June 6th, but READ THE BOOK FIRST!

36) Head down to North Beach for the closest- to- a-real beach experience you can get in Vermont. I mean it has sand, so it counts.

37) Catch a show from one of your favorite performers at Higher Ground. This is THE spot for all the big name acts that come to the Burlington area, and it’s not that far from campus.

38)  People watch down on Church St. There’s benches every 20 ft to sit on and plenty of snacks to eat.

39) Find a new passion. This could be anything from taking an art class, to riding around on a segway. Burlington has many options for finding a new part of yourself. Use google to find some options near you.

40) Take a walk to the Burton Flagship Store and see where one of the most popular snowboard brands in the world are made.

41) $15 gets you two zipline rides at Sugarbush Resort and $10 gets you 5 minutes on a bungee trampoline. Lots of local mountains offer activities to do in the summer. Just because there isn’t snow doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

42) Experience the Burlington fireworks on July 3rd. Head down to the waterfront to listen to live music and chow down on some delicious food hosted by local vendors.

43) Go stargazing. And if you really wanna feel cool, name your very own star here. It’s nationally registered and comes with a locator map so you can see just exactly which one is yours.

44) Take a day to relax from social media. No Facebook, Instagram, or checking in to every place you go to that day. Interact and build relationships with the people around you.

45) Try out the city bike path. The ride will only take an hour and is rated as a moderate level of difficulty because of slight hills (I mean, you knew that was coming). Signs are posted along the way, plus part of the trail connects into the bikepath by the waterfront, which is of course, beautiful in the summer.

46) Binge watch an entire TV show on Netflix, because why not. My personal recommendation is Orange is the New Black.

47) Host a World Cup viewing party with your friends! You can find some cheap decorations and make the food of your favorite country, and of course, a little rivalry makes things fun.

48) Order The Vermonster from Ben and Jerry’s. This includes: 20 scoops of ice cream, 10 scoops of chopped walnuts, 5 scoops of fresh whipped cream, 4 scoops of hot fudge, 5 chocolate chip cookies, 2 scoops of M&M’s, 2 scoops of Reese’s, 2 scoops of chocolate sprinkles, and one giant home made brownie.  You probably should split it between some friends, unless you plan on vomiting down Church St.

The Vermonster at Ben & Jerrys

49) See a local comedy troupe perform down by the water at The Skinny Pancake. Or just get some crepes. Either one.

50) Take a peek at Shelburne Farms. It’s right on the lake, and there’s plenty of opportunities for walks and petting baby cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, etc. and grabbing some homemade ice cream.

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