Why Is LinkedIn So Important? I’m Only A Freshman!

By:Olivia Werenski ‘17/Champlain College News

Everybody knows LinkedIn. It’s that thing that real adults use as a way to find jobs and brag about what they’re good at and blahblahblah. Whenever I had heard of LinkedIn in the past, it was always people in their mid 30’s. People who are already established in their careers.  But is there an importance for kidsLinkedIn-Logo our age having one?

As soon as I got to Champlain and started looking for job opportunities, work study and then as the year progressed, internships. I knew I had to create a LinkedIn profile.

From looking around at my fellow students, it almost seemed like having a LinkedIn was a way of getting yourself to the next step on the adult ladder. It made you seem a tier above everyone else and about 10 times more professional.

Not only that, but you can simply link more of your personal accomplishments to this “online resume”. Any classes you’ve taken, any portfolios, and any projects that are important to you, but more importantly, what would make an employer want to hire you. That one little extra thing that will make you inch past your competitors.

First year student Josh Kenyon says “I really like the way LinkedIn is set up because a potential employer can get a better feel on who someone is as a person while still receiving information on strengths as an employee. Because of that in my opinion LinkedIn is better than, or at least as good as a traditional resume”

The general consensus from student’s is that they have profile’s but do not update them or try to find job opportunities from them. Pat Boera, associate director of Career Services at Champlain urges students to change their minds and make it an asset.

“LinkedIn is becoming a recruiting tool of choice for many employers. It allows them to learn more about candidates than what a traditional resume offers.  Undergraduate students can use LinkedIn to begin building their professional network and to study the career paths of leaders in their industries. They can view university pages to see where graduates of the institution find work.Having a robust presence on LinkedIn sends a message to employers that the candidate is a “player” in the world of social media on a professional level and is interested in using this dynamic tool to make connections,”
So, think about it; what’s going to set you apart from the crowd? If you want to take advantage of what Champlain has to offer (for free of course), check out the links below and land that summer job.

To help yourself advance in the professional world and knock that interview out of the park (no matter what your grade level), talk to your advisor in Career Services here: http://www.champlain.edu/career-success/career-services/services-for-students

To meet with your advisor to help polish your resume or LinkedIn profile, click here: http://www.champlain.edu/career-success/career-services/meet-your-advisor

To join Champlain’s LinkedIn Page: http://www.linkedin.com/edu/school?id=19620&trk=tyah&trkInfo=tarId%3A1397497314684%2Ctas%3AChamplain%20College%2Cidx%3A6-1-11.

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