Wait……Freshman Year Is Almost Over?!

By:Olivia Werenski ‘17 / Champlain College News

          So here we are. The Class of 2017 is about to finish our first year here at Champlain. How did that sneak up so quickly? It’s hard not to feel at ease in such a beautiful and just plain awesome town, but even so, coming from my own experience, these two semesters have flown by.

        That’s when it really hit me. I am now working and happily IMG_0339studying at the college that I had only looked at from the outside as a senior in high school. And to make it even more unreal, that time when I looked at Champlain from the outside, was only a year ago. One single year.

         That’s how long it can take for everything to completely change in your life; your home, your relationship, your town, your job, your friend groups, everything. But as long as you know how to handle it with a relatively level head, you’ll be fine, and living here at Champlain, four hours away from my home town, has helped me realized that.

           What really put things into perspective for me was having to go to the March Accepted Student’s Day and take pictures for my internship. I was assigned to go around to the various events and just take snapshots capturing the overall vibe of the event and showcasing how much hard work the student ambassadors and generally the entire college put into this event.

           Going around and looking at the faces of the future students reminded me how I felt on that very day. The combination of awe/awkwardness was apparent as much as it was a year ago. Seeing the choices of housing for the third time just because it was a glimpse of hope, trying the cafeteria food and realizingIMG_0331-001 that it blows your high school’s food out of the water, and looking around and realizing that any one of these people you’re walking by right now could be your future classmates.

             My roommate Emily, that I met at last year’s ASD, now works at Champlain as a student ambassador, and I found out that her feelings are pretty similar to mine. “ It’s crazy. It’s incredible to think that was me less than a year ago. I love being able to see the excitement in everyone’s faces and it really just brings back memories for me in April. Accepted Student’s Day is where I met tons of friends and when I truly got to experience Champlain. It’s a truly remarkable experience to watch.”

          The opportunity of scoring a Public Relations internship that doubles as a work-study, basically as soon as I got in the door here at Champlain,  is one of my proudest moments and greatest opportunities that I’ve had at Champlain so far, and to go from being an entertainment editor at my high school’s newspaper to this has been a huge leap for my career and for just me personally. This is what Champlain can do. You have to grab the bull by the horns, and take advantage of everything that this amazing college offers. It’s a big step from high school, but it’s a better one. Cherish everything you have here.

      So, Class of 2018, remember these moments. Time will go by way too quickly, and soon you won’t be able to remember what it’s like to NOT be a Champlain student. So finish up those last two months of high school, get those good grades, and I look forward to seeing you this August around campus.

-From a former freshman to a future freshman

2 thoughts on “Wait……Freshman Year Is Almost Over?!

  1. Amanda

    This year really did fly by. I felt like yesterday we were at orientation. It is crazy to think we have just over a week of actual school left.

  2. Nonna

    Champlain was definitely the right choice. One year Liv — I am amazed, proud, and happy for you. Maturity comes with responsibility, commitment, respect for self and others, and staying the path of career fulfillment .


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