SGA Election Results

By:Olivia Werenski ’17/Champlain College News

The SGA elections have come to a close, after a record breaking night of 772 Champlain students in the cafeteria. The event was complete with a bounce house, music, 100 pounds of candy  and free late n1186293_10151916374601218_1095387892_night. Here are the official election results for the 2014-2015 school year:

President: Dylan Cullen

 Vice President: Lucas Bienvenue

 CCM Division Senators: Ben Wyatt, Nina Knorr, and Walter Weaver

 EHS Division Senators: Allison Greenwood and Stephen Harris

 ITS Division Senators: Peter Orzell and Mike Albrecht999833_10151916374786218_2095895563_n

 Stiller School of Business Senators: Josh Miller and Kirby McThompson

 Congrats to all the winners!

To see more pictures from the event, click here: