Are you Suffering from Graduitis?

By Kayla Hedman ’14 / Champlain College News

GraduitisUpon returning from spring break, first-year students are eager to plan their first summers in Burlington, sophomores are organizing their study abroad adventures for next fall, juniors are more than ready to be seniors, and the big dogs are applying for jobs, hearing back from graduate schools, and preparing for commencement on May 3. At this stage in the game, rather than being productive, many seniors are losing their motivation and blaming it on “senioritis.” Not to worry, senioritis is very common and can be treatable.

Senior management of creative media major David Pictor even shared on his Facebook, “I just have SO much to do and just don’t want to do ANY of it. Senioritis is real guys.”

We’re here for you David, but have you considered that this might be more severe than senioritis?

At this point in time, many seniors’ senioritis has progressed on to become “graduitis,” also known as Post-traumatic Spring Break Disorder (PTSBD).

If you think that you or someone you know may be suffering from graduitis, please view our WebCC page about graduitis HERE.

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