Daily Archives: March 13, 2014

Are you Suffering from Graduitis?

By Kayla Hedman ’14 / Champlain College News Upon returning from spring break, first-year students are eager to plan their first summers in Burlington, sophomores are organizing their study abroad adventures for next fall, juniors are more than ready to be seniors, and the big dogs are applying for jobs, hearing back from graduate schools, […]

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Online Quizzes: Getting Real about Who You Really Are

By Olivia Werenski ‘17 / Champlain News Buzzfeed is an addiction, no..it really is. It is your over-sharing group of Facebook friends who can’t wait to tell you they are just like the state of Kansas, or they are Britney Spears. Surely at some point in everyone’s life, haven’t we all wondered “What Food are […]

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