Champlain Encourages Students to Cut Energy Consumption and help Scholarship Funds

Brendon Johnson ‘16 / Champlain College News

February is the month Champlain students are asked to be more mindful about their energy use through the annual Champlain Kill-A-Watt Challenge, a month-long effort to reduce electrical use in campus residential halls.

Sustainability Director Christina Erickson

Sustainability Director Christina Erickson

Sponsored by Sustain Champlain, the Kill-A-Watt Challenge, challenges Residential Halls to cut their energy use and earn points which will earn the winning hall  a $500 prize for the activity of their choice. New this year,  the Kill-A-Watt Challenge has another incentive for students to get involved – money saved on energy use will go directly to  financial aid to support scholarships.

Director of Sustain Champlain Christina Erikson explained “This is an event that everyone can get involved with, no matter their knowledge or experience related to energy. It truly can be as simple as turning off/powering down devices and lights when you are not using them, or coming up with creative ways to not use them in the first place.”

Sustain Champlain has also planned a series of events happening across campus that will also earn points for a student’s residences the following:

Events began this week with a talk by Meika Hollender, co-founder and marketing maven of Sustain Condoms, coming to campus to speak about her new venture to create the “first-ever Fair Trade-certified, organically sourced, vegan, non-toxic, non-animal-tested and GMO-free prophylactic.”

  • February 5, 5-6 pm in Joyce 301- Join folks from Rising Tide Vermont and Rising Tide North America for an evening of conversation about fossil fuels and Vermont’s fracked gas pipeline.
  • February 10, 11 am – 1 pm in the Hauke Conference Room –  Sustainability Resource Fair. Come visit with local sustainability-related organizations to share ways with the students, faculty and staff on how to get involved

Idle Threat

  • February 13, 7 pm in the Perry Presentation Hall – A free and open to the public screening of Idle-Threat: A man on Emission. Following the screening there will be a one-hour Q&A session with filmmaker, George Pakenham.
  • February 18, 6-8 pm in the Morgan Room – Join facilitator Dylan Cullen for a pilot event for a new LEAD program “Building Sustainable Communities.” This is an interactive engaging exercise about what it means to be a global citizen in a world full of economic and environmental puzzles.

To learn more about Champlain’s sustainability initiatives and programs visit their blog at

To read more about Idle Threat: A man on Emission read 7 Days story at

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