New Charging Stations Provide Another Example of Growth on Campus

By: Olivia Werenski ‘17/ Champlain College Newscf0ea58b714683dd7f032e49_210x280

You might have noticed something new around our Champlain campus as of yesterday, and no I’m not talking about those awesome new bean bag chairs in Ireland.  Champlain’s SGA office recently put aside money to fund three all new SGA charging stations that can be found in the Ireland Global Business Center, The Miller Information Commons, and Fireside Lounge in IDX Student Life Center. These charging stations are equipped to support iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and any micro USB devices, such as Android smart phones.

SGA president Chelsea Hutchings ‘14 says “We wanted to pilot a few of these across campus because some people said there were not enough outlets in the lounges on campus. These three stations should free up some outlets, because they support phones and tablets.”

“If these continue to be a hit, the SGA will revisit the idea of planting a few more throughout Camp Champ to further serve the dying “mobile device” and “outlet shortage” problems for years to come,” she added.

If you want to thank anyone for giving your phone a little bit more of added juice, thank SGA VP Brandyn Csorgo ‘14.  “Brandyn came to me one morning after his daily shower”, Hutchings said.  “Chelsea! I’ve got another crazy idea! CHARGING STATIONS!” He always has the greatest ideas in the shower… (ie the beaver tail on the van)”. Whatever crazy idea comes next from the brilliant minds at the SGA, I’m sure it will show another way that the Champlain campus is growing and moving toward the future.

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