It’s the Finals Countdown

Olivia Werenski ’17/ Champlain College News

Finals, a word that can strike fear into the heart of a first-year college student. That is, unless they are prepared, have a plan and take full advantage of the assistance available through the Academic Coaching Center at Champlain College.

The Center, located in the Skiff Hall Annex Room 200, is a fantastic resource to help take the edge off this time of year and smooth over the final weeks of fall semester. As a freshman, I find myself becoming aware of new things everyday that Champlain has to offer students.

The Center’s goal is to create an environment in which students strengthen their self-advocacy skills, motivate students to take ownership of their academic success, assist students with how to build their organizational skills using their own preferred methods and suggesting new ones, according to Lauren Bruneau of the Center. It’s made to be a tool for the students to use when the load of school work seems to be getting tough.

Like everyone around me in my dorm and in my classes, I cringe now that teachers are starting to slip in hints about “final projects,” almost whispering the words to us because of the sheer terror when that word is mentioned. Being a freshman, During my Concepts of the Self class, a speaker from the center named Megan came in and offered us a bit of advice; “Don’t procrastinate. It will just cause you more stress than is even necessary. We have the time and resources necessary to help you enjoy your time here at Champlain and not dread finals week.” What I’ve learned so far is that she was right.

Students that have gone through the academic coaching route have come out on the other side with less stress and better organizational skills, as well as being more engaged in the classroom, earning them better grades and giving a boost to their overall G.P.A.

The goal is to provide students with a skill set that will provide not only success at Champlain, but will help them after graduation as well. Since we’re paying a lot to come here, isn’t it worth it to have your education last beyond your years here?

The center has specialized resources for just about any major, including the accounting and math lab, the oral communication lab, the writing center, as well as a photography lab that includes a dark room.

The center offers private as well as group study sessions to fit your schedule during the semester and individual needs. Also as a new addition to their services, now if you can’t make an appointment during their business hours, 24/7 online tutoring is available in a variety of subjects to help you out during those 2 a.m. study sessions as well as offering tutoring for English as a Second Language students as well.

Just back from Thanksgiving break, the reality is setting in. The Academic Coaching Center is offers special sessions this week as we head into finals.

  • Wednesday, Dec. 4 and Wednesday Dec. 11, the center will be holding a mindful meditation sessions in the Vista room in the MIC. This can be a great tool to help clear your mind and ease your stress about your upcoming tests.

  • On Monday Dec 9, there will be a Learning Skills workshop on test prep for finals in Ireland 114 from 3:30-5 p.m. The instructors will look at your finals schedule and help you figure out a study plan so you don’t have to.

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