Meet “The Happiest Kittay in da World”

Brendon Johnson ‘16 / Champlain College News

Linus, the coolest cat on campus.

Linus, the coolest cat on campus. Courtesy of Linus Hubbell’s Facebook Page.

Walking through campus on a crisp fall afternoon you are likely to see the most popular cat on at Champlain, Linus Hubbell. Linus, who is four years old has quickly made his way into the hearts of many Champlain College students, faculty, and staff. He has already gained more than 400 Facebook friends and has his eye on matching the popularity of internet sensation “Grumpy Cat.”

Linus has made it his mission to brightening students days and push the boundaries of the campus “no-pet” policy. He has even been seen visiting some of the higher ups such as Communications and Creative Media Division Dean Paula Willoquet-Maricondi.

Linus is kind of a big deal on campus this fall, and getting bigger by the day. We caught up with black-and-white tuxedo cat to ask him some of the questions inquiring minds at Champlain would like him to answer.

We chatted recently on Facebook Messenger, since Linus preferred that to a face-to-face chat. Here are his answers in that unique voice of his:

What is your favorite hide-out on campus?

Linus: I don’t hidez, I likin peeplez.

How do you feel about campus security?

Linus: They nice, but do they ever getz outta those carz? One time I gotz picked up by UVM po-po fo “loytrin?”, theyz schtoopid.

What are your hobbies?

Linus: You can seez on my FB page that I likinz catchin little vermin. I also like snugglez.

If you could spend a day with any celebrity feline, who would it be and why?

Linus: I knowz dem all – cuz I wanna be like ‘em. My fav is Casper. He used da bus an didn’t even haz to pay! He has his own wikipediaz page

Grumpy Cat has over 2 million “likes” on Facebook and got to go to DisneyWorld, do you think you can surpass this?

Linus: If any college can getz me 2 million likes it’s CAMP CHAMP!

The weather is getting colder, does that mean we will be seeing less of you?

Linus: YUP. Kittay pawz git cowld.

You seem to like visiting classrooms, what is the most interesting thing you have learned?

Linus: That a numerically stable way to evaluate polynomials in Bernstein form is de Casteljau’s algorithm. YAYZ! So simple!

As you probably know President Finney is retiring, any chance you have submitted your application yet?

Linus: I’z been gittin cajoled by da dean’z office to submitz my CV, but you know how these thingz workz – they’z hiring someone “qualified.”

When you are hunting on campus do you prefer chipmunks or birds?

Linus: Chipmunks! Birds flyin, chipmunks don’tz. I kinda lazy.

What made you choose Champlain over other colleges in the area?


What do you like most about living next to Champlain College?

Linus: Havin so many fwends to hang outz with.

You seem to enjoy your time at Champlain, would you recommend it to other felines?

Linus: No, stay awayz other catz! I only haz hoomin fwends!

If you were the king of Champlain College, not saying you aren’t, what would you change about the College?

Linus: Well, we haz some thingz in da workz: Kittay doors on Ireland and da library; Bowlz of milk in every building; and, ‘course, kittay crossin signs on Summit st… cause I bad at lookin bof ways.

Was there anything else you wanted to say to the students of Champlain?

Linus: I lovez hanginz out at Champ Camp, and I hope my snugglez makez your day brighter! I’z the happiest kittay in da world”

Become Linus Hubbell’s “fwend” on Facebook and follow his “anticz” at

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