Champlainer Staying Up for Some Late Night Rapping

There will be an extra special guest spotted tonight, August 9th, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Our very own Jack Carpenter ’15 will be appearing in the “Instant Songwriters” segment, now including rappers.

Jack Carpenter '15

Jack Carpenter, Champlain College class of 2015, one day hopes to have his own late night talk show. Tonight he will be appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Carpenter explains that he has always idolized late night television and he watches it religiously. His ultimate dream is to, one day, host a show of his own. His favorite of the late night talk show men, Jimmy Fallon, has had held a segment called “Instant Songwriters” about once a month, where audience members who are musicians have the chance to go back stage and receive a song title. They then have 40 minutes to write up a song to go with it before they perform it on air.

As someone who has always done song parodies, skits, YouTube videos, and other similar work, Carpenter explained that when his friends got tickets to the show back in June, he was already hoping Fallon would do the segment the day that they attended. He worried, knowing that usually the musicians accompanied their songs with a guitar but he couldn’t play. He decided if given the chance he would just have to rap it.

The day of the show, Carpenter waited in line with his friends when he spotted a producer talking to audience members about the segment. He made sure to talked to him and found out that the segment had changed from musicians to rappers. Knowing it was meant to be, Carpenter signed up.

The next day he had his audition, which involved getting a title and having a few hours to make a rap. His  audition rap was chosen by the writers of the show to get him to the show tonight, where he will get a new topic and write a rap in 40 minutes before he performs it on stage. Check out the “Lobster House” rap that got him on the show here.

“I’m most excited about getting exposure on national TV, on the show that I hope to host one day. Jimmy Fallon first appeared on a late night show when he was 24, so I made a life goal to appear on one by 24 as well to stay in his tracks, but here I am at 20 about to do what I do best, and if it’s done well, it could be huge for me.”

Carpenter adds that the worst thing that happens is he that he throws up on national television. Life goes on.

Make sure you catch him on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight at 12:35am on NBC.

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