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Every year students, staff, and faculty, get emails from the man behind the Champlain College parking, Carl Riden. With his friendly responses, jokes, and photos, he has built up both a fan base and a real active audience for his parking news on the college campus.  As the upcoming school years gets closer and closer, we decided to take some time to talk to talk to him about all of the changes that are occurring this upcoming year, as the school takes more steps towards its master plan.

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The first of these changes is the elimination of the primary parking lots on campus. The Skiff parking lot, which originally had about 65 spaces, and the Whiting/McDonald lot which had around 150, will both be closed this school year. The Skiff  lot will eventually be reopened as a visitor parking lot with about 15 spaces. The Whiting/McDonald one will remain closed as the location of the two new buildings that are being put up. For staff and students alike this means parking at the Gilbane lot and shuttling to and from campus.

Another long-term change with the parking situation is that of metered lots. Similar to those in Montreal, Champlain will be turning three parking lots into “Pay & Display” metered parking. There will be kiosks in the middle of the spaces where anyone parking can go, buy a permit, and return to their car to put the tag in the window.

As for the parking situation this year, there have been a few more changes. The zones have been reassigned and the permit costs have risen.

For part-time faculty, staff and commuting students, permit costs rose from $50 to between $75 and $90. For full-time Faculty, Staff and commuting students, permits went from $100 to between $170 and $200. Permits go on sale Aug. 16. For more information go here.

“It is a time of transition,” Riden explains. “The golden age of parking has come to an end.” People will begin to realize this year that parking on campus might just not be a viable option any more. The Gilbane lot will remain free and hopefully many more people will take advantage of it throughout the year.

Riden has been working at Champlain for nine years. Since he started in 2004, he has been an integral part of the school’s master plan and has worked through the building of the IDX Center, the Dining Hall, and several other changes occurring at the school.

His favorite part of the job has been the staff that he works with.

“I really like everyone in my department, we have a great time. Rich Long is one of the funniest people on the planet. He’s a good boss.”

The hardest part, he went on to explain, is when people haven’t read the parking information. That’s why his emails are full of entertainment and information. “I just want to encourage people to know what’s going on,” Riden concludes. To find out more about the parking and changes check out the school website or email Carl Riden at

2 thoughts on “The Man Behind the Parking

  1. Spencer

    So as an incoming Sophomore, what does this mean for move-in? I’ve only heard from a few select students when our actual move-in day is, and nothing officially from Champlain, and if what I hear is right, we have one day to get in, get adjusted, and then get on with classes. Are we all going to have to guess at good times to arrive and just try and cluster as close to our dorms as possible to try and move in? I know I’m working to cut down what I bring coming up this year, but I distinctly remember U-hauls parked around campus for certain students.


    1. Kayla Hedman

      Hi Spencer,
      On-campus halls open for returning students on Sunday, August 25 at 8 a.m. You are correct there. Although, Spinner Place and Quarry Hill are open for returning students to move in on Friday and Saturday, too. It is stressful getting adjusted in such a short amount of time, but you will avoid the rush of freshmen orientation on Friday. Since there will be less people moving in on-campus on Sunday than on Friday, you still have to unload your car/U-haul in a timely manner to free up parking on the street and in lots near the residence halls, but they may not whisk you away to Gilbane Lot as fast as they do on Friday. Contact Carl Riden for any parking questions, and let us know if you have any more questions.


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