Champlain Busy Beavers in Hollywood

By Kate Young ‘14

For the past month, we’ve been talking to Champlain students with awesome summer internships! This week we talked to one who is getting creative with his internship on the west coast. He’s representing Champlain in Hollywood and having a star studded experience while he’s over there. Check out what he’s up to (and how he got there!)

Chris Parente ‘14

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Photo courtesy of Marcus Bruzzese

The Uprising Creative, West Hollywood, CA

Chris Parente, Filmmaking student at Champlain, was in the first group of students to do the Summer Indie Filmmaking program in Montreal, QC, where he really honed his cinematography skills and made his very first Director of Photography (DP) reel. From there he was able to figure out his dream, getting an internship in Los Angeles. Last semester Parente scoured the web and various internship sites looking for the perfect one.

Looking at various people’s Director of Photography reels and emailing the production companies of those that he liked is how he found The Uprising Creative, a company that makes official and lyric music videos for some of the biggest artists of this generation (as well as some really cool commercials)! Check out the company’s reel here!

The internship that Parente landed at The Uprising Creative is one that we can all be jealous of. He has been doing everything from office work to working as a production assistant on the company’s film sets. In the short time he’s been working he has already had the chance to shoot with Ke$ha,, and Maroon 5.

Parente never knows what he will be doing before he gets to the office each day. There are the standard “intern” tasks like organizing the office and handling the phone, but he was surprised that he also gets to be very involved in their work. It’s not a huge staff so he is able to work closely with the film department. He has been helping prep/closing work on their music videos doing everything from writing treatments and creating mood boards to finding quotes for camera packages, or going through receipts and purchase orders, and making sure people get their checks. Some weeks he works all the time, but most often he will be doing 2-3 days a week at TUC, which gives him plenty of time to do other work.

With his free time he has been able to also do some freelancing around LA. Just last week he got pulled onto a feature length film as swing grip + electric and a Digital Imaging Technician on other days. Parente will now have IMDB credits on a feature, along with countless connections and stories, by the time he graduates next year.

“When I wake up in the morning, I’m excited to go to work. Even for the days when I’m getting up at 5 am and I won’t get home until about 8 pm, I know the day is going to be filled working and learning from some of the most talented people in the world, and that keeps me going. We just got a new sign a few weeks ago that sums up my feelings pretty well…”

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 11.38.56 AM

If you (or someone you know) have a summer internship you want to talk about email me at! To read up on other awesome internships we’ve written about, check out the students working with GoogleElement productions, GE Healthcare, YMCA Camp Bay View,  Abominable Pictures, MySightSee, and CBS.

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