Champlain Busy Beavers – On Air

By Kate Young ‘14

All summer we’re checking in on some of our students and their variety of different summer internships. This week we talked to Jack Carpenter, who is representing Camp Champ at CBS News!

Jack Carpenter ’15


CBS 6 News, Albany, New York

Jack Carpenter, from Clifton Park, New York, is a Broadcasting and Streaming Media Major at Champlain College. Even though the station was not advertising for interns, Carpenter was able to get this internship by tracking down the name of the right person and sending her his real and resume “an annoying amount of times.” He explains that they accepted him either because they liked his stuff, or they just wanted him to shut up.

Being the only intern chosen to work at the station, Carpenter gets to work in all different departments and experience everything happening in a newsroom. On the technical side, he is learning all about the business of advertising, how to sell ads and then how to organize clients so they all go on air properly. On the production side, he sits in with the news team and brainstorms story ideas as well as going out with the reporters and photographers on commercial shoots, news segments, and live action shots. He also gets to work on the creative side with web advertisements, promotional flyers, and handouts for clients of the station.

“My absolute favorite part is walking in at 8:30 (but I don’t like the fact that it’s 8:30) with everyone and having absolutely nothing to air, then over the day seeing a 30 minute set gradually come together in time for the 5 o clock news.”

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