My Job As A… Segway Tour Guide

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Yes, I get paid for this.

Yes, I have to wear a helmet.

Yes, Segways are allowed on the bike path.

Yes, my job is to ride a Segway all day.

Oh and yes, we accept tips.

Hi, I’m Kate and I’m a tour guide for Burlington Segway Tours.


My job is pretty fantastic, and here’s why.

I get to ride a Segway around. All the time. I’m a Segway expert. How many people can say that? I’ve heard from countless jealous classmates and friends asking how I landed that job, and what they have to do to get on a Segway.

Along with being a tour guide, I am also the Marketing Director for Burlington Segway Tours. How many college students get to say that they’ve been a Director in their field before they even graduate? I am putting everything I’ve been learning in my classes at Champlain to use in the real world. If I hadn’t stayed in Burlington and made moves for this job, I wouldn’t be able to have that humdinger for my resume.

I meet a whole lot of interesting people. From families with young adventurers who always manage to get their Segway dirty to college students from all over with summer internships in Burlington to a news team from WCAX who learned how to ride for an on-air segment. I’ve had old family friends visit and come out for a tour and met higher-ups from all over the state by strapping on their helmets and making sure they don’t tip over. Meeting the spectrum of people that we take out on tours is hands down one of the best aspects of my job.

I’ve learned how to not care. People laughing and “subtly” taking photos of me, you’re not smooth. Trust me, I know how cool I look. I will continue to smile and give you a thumbs up because you are sitting around and I’m getting paid good money to ride a Segway.

I am able to help. What a lot of people don’t realize when it comes to Segways is that they’re not just for lazy people who won’t walk or bike. My boss, the owner of our company, has an injured knee and has a lot of trouble walking. He cannot jog. He cannot bike. Segways allow him, and those who can’t walk easily, to see so much more of Burlington than they could otherwise. They’re able to become speed demons who terrify their tour guides when they jet off down the path with a big smile and a fit of giggles.

I get to spend my days down by the water, under the sun, talking about the beautiful city that I have spent three years falling in love with. I’m not trapped inside. I’m not in meetings. I’m staring at a sparkling lake, gorgeous mountains and getting a tan. (Well, let’s be real here, I’m a ginger, I’m getting a burn.)

I can attend fancy events with higher ups from all sorts of businesses in Vermont. Since I am also Marketing Director, I was just able to attend an event at a brand new hotel with an open bar, unlimited cheese and snacks, a DJ and tons of higher ups from the coolest businesses around. I haven’t even graduated and I’m learning to network my heart out.

I’m doing what I love. Since it is a new company, we are starting advertising from scratch. I get to work on Social Media (CoughShamelessPlugCough Like our FB page! Follow our tweets at @BTVSegways!), create contests, work out deals, talk to local hotels, businesses, and learn so much about what I am eventually hoping to do after I graduate in a year.

So, to sum up, my job is awesome. When you see a little ginger in a helmet fly by you next time you’re jogging or hanging out on Church St. make sure you wave! And, of course, if you have a free weekend or if you have family in town, make sure you call us up and sign up for a tour!

-Kate Young ’14

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