Top 10 Summer Activities for Students in Burlington- The Great Outdoors

After looking through all of the events, festivals and tours going on in my last article, any college student would have plenty to do in Burlington over the next couple months. However, most people feel the need sometimes to get up, get active, and get outside. Here are some of the best ways to spend some quality time with Mother Nature.

1.  Hike Camel’s Hump

The gorgeous view at the top of the Camel's Hump trail. (Photo by Brandon Jones)

The gorgeous view at the top of the Camel’s Hump trail. (Photo by Brandon Jones)

Already tackled Philo and Mansfield? Looking for a day trip to get your heart racing and your legs burning? Check out Camel’s Hump for an awesome hike on a beautiful summer day. If you’re not looking for an intense hike you can also visit Stowe or Sugarbush and take the chairlift up to the top. Hike your way back down for a less intense day while still getting some amazing views!

2.  Berry Picking at a Local Farm

What better way to get outside and get some delicious fresh fruit than going berry picking with some of your friends? Head to Adam’s Berry Farm in June for some fresh strawberries or go in Mid-July to August for some blueberries! You can also check out a full list of places to pick your own fruit here.

3.  Relax at North Beach

Have a day off of work? Have a weekend with no plans? Grab a book, some friends, and some sunscreen and head to North Beach for a day of sand and sun. If you want to spend even more time there feel grab your tent and check out the North Beach campground.

4.  Picnic by the Waterfront at Sunset

Champlain College student Caitlin Mundy sits on the docks at the Burlington Waterfront and watches the sunset. (Photo by Kate Young)

Champlain College student Caitlin Mundy sits on the docks at the Burlington Waterfront and watches the sunset. (Photo by Kate Young)

Grab a basket and blanket and head to City Market (or whatever food establishment strikes the fancy of your stomach!) to stock up on some snacks. Then head down to the waterfront to eat, relax, and witness Burlington’s consistently amazing sunsets over the lake.

5.  Visit Moss Glen Falls

If you’re feeling the need to get out and about and adventure, check out this amazing waterfall. It is located in Stowe so it is about an hour drive but it’s worth it to get out of town and spend some time completely surrounded by Mother Nature. Make sure to bring your camera for some amazing waterfall shots! You can get directions and other details on the falls here.

6.  Swim in the Bolton Potholes

If you’re looking to cool down on a hot Vermont day and don’t want to deal with the beach check out the Bolton Potholes. Here you can get both a relaxing cool down and a fun adventure in the great outdoors!

For other great swimming holes in Vermont check out this site.

7.  Try out Stand Up Paddleboarding

Someone trying out Stand Up Paddleboarding on the Lake. (Photo from

Someone trying out Stand Up Paddleboarding on the Lake. (Photo from

Try something new this summer! Instead of taking out a kayak rent a Stand Up Paddleboard! Chances are you will either have a blast looking like an idiot with your friends or absolutely fall in love with it (or both!). You can either take a class here or rent your own here!

8.  Go Camping

Summer isn’t complete without at least one camping trip. There’s no better way to get to know your friends then relaxing around a bonfire or telling scary stories before piling into a tent! Pick a weekend, find your sleeping bag and head to a local campground. There are some sites on Burton Island or even North Beach. You can also check out some different campground options here.

9.  Bike the Full Bike Path

You can’t leave Burlington without experiencing the full bike path. Get your friends and your bike (If you don’t have one rent one here!) and get moving. The bike ferry connection to the back path to Grand Isle is also back up and running for the summer! If you’ve already biked the full path head over to the Intervale and hike or bike the trails to the Ethan Allen Homestead. You can even go mountain biking at Catamount Outdoor Family Center. Whatever you choose, get active and get to see even more of our gorgeous area!

10.  Sail on Lake Champlain or Scuba Under it

Sailboats out on Lake Champlain. (Photo by Stephen Mease)

Sailboats out on Lake Champlain. (Photo by Stephen Mease)

There is absolutely no better way to see the lake then by sailing on it. If you don’t know how to sail, it’s a great and fun thing to learn and the Community Sailing Center offers classes. If you do, they also rent out sailboats. Looking to get under the lake instead of on top of it? This summer you can explore sunken shipwrecks and tropical reefs without even leaving Burlington. Head to the Waterfront Diving Center by Perkins Pier to find everything you need to get out in the water.

Whatever you end up doing make sure you get out of the house! Turn off your phone, grab your friends and get out to see the great Vermont outdoors!

-Kate Young ‘14