Whiting Hall Renovation Forces Health Center to Relocate

By Brendon Johnson ‘16 / Champlain College News

The temporary home of health services.

The temporary home of health services.

There is a lot of construction this semester on campus, including work on the remaining two new residence halls in the Res-Tri project off Maple Street.. Over the break, construction began on converting the former Bookstore space in Joyce Hall into classrooms and a full rehab of Whiting Hall was started.

During Whiting’s renovation, floor and ceiling finishes, doors, windows, bathroom fixtures and finishes, mechanical systems, LED lighting, electrical, building insulation improvements and fire protection will all be replaced and upgraded. The building is slated to have 39 beds after completion.

The west side of the building will also receive a total replacement featuring new spaces including a dorm lounge on lower level, bedrooms, study/lounge areas on upper levels, elevator, and stair tower. This renovation will also improve ADA accessibility to the facility.

Their new unit is set up with everything needed to serve students.

Their new unit is set up with everything needed to serve students.

While Whiting is in the middle of its top-to-bottom remodel, Champlain’s Health Services has been temporarily moved behind Skiff Hall into what is now being referred to as the Mobile Auxiliary Student Health Center or *M*A*S*H* center, for short.

Regarding the new *M*A*S*H* unit,  Assistant Vice President for Student Life Carol Moran-Brown said that “the staff in Health Services has done an impressive job of getting the new center set up.”

The unit is already open for business and students can stop by health services any time Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon. When health services is closed, students can get medical assistance by calling Timberlane Pediatrics.

Construction crews are on target at the new  Butler Hall and Valcour Hall, which will open this fall.

The bookstore also recently moved from its previous home in Joyce Hall to its new location in Durick Hall in order to make room for new classrooms.

Learn more about the College’s Master Plan at http://www.champlain.edu/about-champlain/vision/master-plan

For more information on the Student Health Center email Carol Moran-Brown at moran@champlain.edu


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